Cartoon Terrorism. Graphic Antisemitism.

This October a new wave of Palestinian terrorism has developed in Israel before the eyes of the world.

The official excuse came from Mahmud Abbas’ announcement of finalization of the Oslo Treaty and his invitation to Jews not to “put their filthy feet” on Al Aqsa. After that Israelis’ and more specifically Jerusalem residents’ daily lives have been altered by a series of “hand made” terror attacks. The probabilities of being stabbed any normal day increases and obviously police and army members are obliged to defend civilians and themselves.

But while they forget about Hamas caving underground tunnels, suicidal terrorism, calls for holy war, and sabotage of peace talks some media choose to make incitement to violence against Israelis. The cartoonist Ferreres is already an old acquaintance of the Anti-Defamation League His cartoons about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict tend to describe Jews and not Palestinian terrorists as the actual assassins .

The latest example is the one published in El Periódico on October 17, 2015. There, through a conversation between two young Palestinian terrorists he points out that Netanyahu swore he would do all he can to regain normality, which the cartoonist defines as “Palestinians being the only ones who die”. I assume Ferreres is one of those who would deny Israel the right to defend itself and would prefer that police and Military wouldn’t do anything to prevent passersby from being stabbed.

This specific cartoon makes glorification of Palestinian terrorism. You can see two young and helpless guys carrying their rudimentary weapons in front of a shadow of Military. But Ferreres makes a mistake. Terrorists are drawn fleeing from Israelis and as we all know they usually run hand or bomb in hand in the opposite direction. They don’t use to run away with their “toys”, they use them to attack. For them and their families their lives are not expensive but Jewish lives are worth even less for them.

If Mr. Ferreres and his publishers really appreciate the Palestinians maybe he should consider stopping incitement to violence and apology of terrorism.



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