Extreme leftists want to declare Cordoba, birthplace of Maimonides, a BDS or JUDENREIN( Jews free) city

Next Tuesday November 10th 2015 Izquierda Unida, a far left party will bring a formal proposal to a Municipal session to declare Cordoba a BDS city.

If the rest of the parties don`t prevent it, the city where Maimonides was born and the one that has had the most important Jewry in Sepharad will become JUDENREIN.

Izquierda Unida, the far left, wants Cordoba to join the BDS movement, which means cutting every commercial, cultural or artistic relationship with Israel or Israelis. They also include “rethinking” events as a yearly Sephardic Music Festival in the city.

They don´t seem to mind about the touristic income the City earns from Jews from all over the world who arrive each year to visit  the old Sephardic Cordoba and neither do they seem to care about the discrimination and Antisemitic principles that inspire BDS.

Unfortunately in Spain declaring BDS cities is not illegal as it is in France, so let’s just hope Democracy can stop the proposal and we can keep Sephardic Cordoba for open minded multicultural Spaniards and visitors.




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