Santiago de Compostela falls in the hating hands of BDS

Santiago de Compostela has recently been declared  “Israeli apartheid free” or “Judenrein” city. The proposal brought to the City hall by the ruling Bloque Nacionalista Galego was accepted by the socialist and the PP liberal Democrat-christians helped with their abstention.

Radical leftists pretend they do not understand BDS use mafia and fascist methods in order to discriminate people. They fail to see the undeniable antisemitic nature of this organization. Not allowing the entry of industrial, intellectual, scientific or artistic products with the purpose of punishing the hands producing them is a vile practice of racism. It is known that this discrimination affects not only the alleged “guilty”  but also the supposedly defended Palestinians whose work sources are affected by the boycott.

BDS in Galicia are so talent lacking that it doesn’t even occur to them that if they exclude people and products it’s quite likely they will affect their own local economy. International knowledgeable tourism isn’t fond of organizations that boycott democracies.

It’s really sad to be the one to spread the news about the intellectual poverty that is increasing and seizing this beautiful city. I`m  really  sorry to have to explain that one of the three cities of pilgrimage is governed by people who deny its origins and prefer to board the train of hatred.

This time there was bad luck. Democrats voted against their own city. Not only that. BDS is planning to extend the invitation to other Galician cities. As hatred is free, declaring oneself  a hater costs nothing. I don’t know if after becoming  BDS cities the nationalists intend to delete  their Jewries  and ask  tour operators to stop talking about them .We’ll  see .

Those who love Galicia, its streets, its beaches, its food, its people singsong speech, the muñeiras played at city squares in the afternoons, deeply regret having to restraint ourselves from visiting  that beautiful land.


2 comentarios en “Santiago de Compostela falls in the hating hands of BDS

    • You’re right, thank you. It’s quite important to make clear that the ones who abstained were the PP.
      Besides they have done the same thing in places like Alcoi where there has recently been a similar event.
      There, the ones ones who said NO where Ciudadanos, the liberals, and PP exposed a nice argumentation against BDS and then abstained.

      Me gusta


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