Malignant equidistance


This a the statement of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The minister Mr. Garcia Margallo and his team did it again. As they lately do, they ignored the fact that people who have been stabbed that day, as the previous month and this very morning, were Jews.

Obviously victims of Palestinian terrorism aren`t worth for them as much as victims of Islamist terrorism in Europe.

I believe Mr. Garcia Margallo could have saved himself this worthless statement. It only lacks a phrase to expressly blame the stabbed Jews for having been stabbed. It reminds a lot the way information usually appears at far left media or phrases written by BDS sympathizers.

It is ridiculous buy understandable to find illiterate  “Palestinian scarf pose” people believing that posing will save their neck from ISIS. But neither the minister nor his team can afford to make categories of victims or belittle Islamist terrorism in Israel. They should know that being friendly to terrorists won’t save Spain from suffering as Tel Aviv, Paris or Brussels do.



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