A BDS enthusiast named chief “Diplomat” in the Catalan pro-separatist Government

As has already become usual for Catalan separatists , January 14, 2016 was another “historic day”. The new local president Carles Puigdemont, elected by the holy pointing finger of the former president Artur Mas, named as his Councillor of Foreign Affairs the ex European Parliamentary and former eco socialist militant Raül Romeva, publicly known for having promoted the boycott of the State of Israel and the BDS (Boycott Desinvestment and Sanctions) in the European Parliament.

These facts are fully known in Spain and Europe, and actually they raised some controversy last summer when Romeva lead the list of the amalgame of separatists united in a common ” party” for the regional elections held on September 27. He was #1 in the list but in fact he was only keeping the seat for former President Artur Mas who was the one to preside the Catalan Government had they won the elections.
I’m aware all this sounds pretty strange. We, thinking Spanish citizens, found it quite fraudulent.

Until now Mr. Romeva hasn’t yet denied his support to his antisemitic BDS friends. We could highlight the fact that the Bataclan hall in Paris, that was attacked by terrorists from the IS had been threatened by BDS because the owners were Jewish and it was known for being sometimes used for Jewish community events. BDS is known for being the “smiling face”of those who fight for the destruction of Israel and its people. So, to me, any friend of confessed or disguised antisemites is a Judeophobe. Make conclussions.

Given the circumstances it becomes absolutely irrelevant if the brand new Catalonian president, Mr. Puigdemont invited some Israeli mayors to Gerona while he presided the City Hall.
You could say that he is pro-Israel, that would be right, that’s what BDS accuse him of. However, he has a few little defects: first of all he arrives to the Regional Govenment in an attempt to achieve what Mr. Mas couldn’t; separate from Spain, which is neither constitutional nor democratic. Second, he’s has well known inconvenient friends from a leading family(Pujol) that has cheated on Catalans and stolen thousands of millions of euros. And, last but not least he chose as his “chief diplomat” a man who shares with him his urge to destroy Spain and with BDS, their phobias and anti- Israeli speech.

I wonder who will be the first visitor to be invited by Mr. Romeva. Abbas?, Barghouti?…

We’ll be watching, Mr. Councillor.


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