Who’s behind BDS in Spanish City Councils?

This time it was Gijón. It could have been any other city proclaiming its institutions “apartheid free”. There is one condition that appears in 100% of the situations. That is  the presence either as a ruling or influential political force of far left parties. Call them Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Mareas, Compromís or “Sí se puede” as is the case this specific article illustrates.  This time, the  Antisemitic BDS stream arrived to Gijón, Asturias, which is ruled by  Foro Asturias. The City Council approved a resolution to boycot Israel and Israelis and to stand by BDS policies.



It’s not necessary to explain why and how pressing BDS measures are Antisemitic. Everybody know that. Sadly in Spain it’s becoming more than usual to see these racist Judeophobic resolutions conquer official spaces that should be used to administrate city services and strive to get their inhabitants better life conditions. Instead that, they use time and resources to promote a boycott that doesn’t benefit anyone, that should be beyond  their competences and  implies using constructive energy on hatred.

But what’s really interesting this time is who is  most interested on letting Know everybody the resolution was finally accepted.  There is a TV channel called HispanTV . It’s a Spanish language news channel operated by IRIB, an Iran state-owned public broadcasting corporation that started in December 2011. Among other things, this channel has hosted TV programs lead by Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the far left party PODEMOS, and has made him a well known “charming” person in the eyes of many Spanish  people.

The article informs about the issue claiming  “The city Council of Gijón, in the North of Spain, approved last Thursday  a proposal in favor of the Palestinian people and also a boycott against the Israeli regime”.

Besides that, the  information appears the same week we knew Podemos is being investigated for having been financed by Iran allegedly for imposing far left parties in order to destabilize Spanish politics. http://www.elconfidencial.com/espana/2016-01-15/la-investigacion-sobre-podemos-ya-esta-en-manos-de-anticorrupcion-y-de-hacienda_1136490/

Is it possible that ignorant and antisemitic BDS supporters are being used as an instrument to infiltrate pro-Iranian elements in our City Councils?





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